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One Solution for individual products


No interfaces required

You do not need any additional software, neither for variant configuration nor for customer-specific price determination. All information comes directly from your SAP ERP or S/4HANA system.

Easy to use

With an intuitive user interface, customers can configure their personal product in a variety of variations easily, quickly and without errors.
The presentation of the variant configuration on the web is completely customizable and can be configured individually for each product.

Powerful functionality

The WECO configurator supports all functionalities of the SAP variant configurator (LO-VC), including multi- and single-level configuration, customer-specific variant pricing, BOM explosion in shopping cart, and much more.
Of course, the complete object dependencies of the SAP configurator, including all user exits, will be executed by the WECO configurator.

3D-visualization - the high-end version of the variant configuration

Optionally, configurations can also be displayed in real time via a 3Dvisualization. The configuration data are transferred to the 3D-visualization at each step. As a result, all characteristics of the product can be visually checked by the user. Technically, the 3D-visualization is developed using WebGL, thus it can be rendered on all devices.