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A new era of E-Commerce


Flexible architecture approach separates backend and frontend

Nowadays, anyone thinking about installing a webshop can no longer avoid the topic of headless commerce. The separate and significantly more flexible development in the back- and frontend will bring the decisive competitive advantage for companies, as they can adapt to the market agilely, quickly and efficiently at any time with mixed teams of developers.

Advantages WECO Headless Commerce

With WECO Headless Commerce, companies do not have to reinvent the wheel. With the WECO OpenAPI, a predefined "translator" or data transmitter between backend and frontend has been developed, so to speak, which makes a fast, yet flexible implementation possible. A fully functional PWA (Progressive Web App) is already delivered as an Angular template for both B2B and B2C scenarios. Other frontends can be implemented individually.

Release and platform independent

You run your SAP on premise or in the SAP Cloud? No problem! The installation of WECO Headless Commerce is platform independent, even a relocation of the platform is possible accordingly. The new technology can be used under SAP ERP as well as S/4 HANA and has already been successfully implemented in customer projects.

Design First Strategy

WECO Headless Commerce follows a design first strategy. This means that the OpenAPI specification is written first and then the actual implementation of the webservices takes place. This is supported by the Swagger Editor, which is hosted by WECO and can be used immediately by authorized users. It offers an automatic generation of metadata, which can be directly imported into the backend. The WECO OpenAPI framework validates all requests for validity and completeness based on this metadata.

Continuous development

The goal of WECO Headless Commerce is on the one hand to improve the user experience in multichannel environments and on the other hand to focus on rapid further development adapted to customer requirements. Therefore WECO Headless Commerce is constantly being developed. A transparent roadmap, which is visible to our customers, shows the way through the variety of functions and the timeline. Customer requirements find their place here as well as basic technological updates.


Advantages WECO Headless Commerce
  • Complete separation of backend / frontend via micro webservices
  • Compatible with SAP ERP and S/4 HANA systems
  • WECO OpenAPI (tool supported via Swagger)
  • Flexible frontend technology (Angular, SAPUI5, React JS, etc.)
  • Flexible system architecture (On-Premise, SAP BTP, AWS / Azure Cloud, etc)
  • Sophisticated caching system, allowing fast but stateless API
  • Mixed teams with different know-how possible (frontend developer does not need ABAP knowledge, for example)
  • Our existing customers can find more information and the road map at https://help.weco.at/latest/docs/headless-ecommerce