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Service is the key to success 


Installed Base

Customers can register their purchased products and machines online at any time. All relevant documents are available for download and individual spare parts can be ordered for each machine. The required spare parts can be found easily via dynamically generated catalogs from SAP BOMs or via externally connected spare parts catalogs.

Service requests

Regardless of whether a planned or unplanned service on your machines or systems is required, a quick and targeted handling of the service process has highest priority. Using predefined catalogs, even complex issues can be transmitted in a structured manner. This allows your technicians to quickly identify the problem and, in turn, to take effective action. When carrying out a service, the company's own technician or a service partner can confirm operation times and spare parts online.


Complaints are usually uncomfortable for customers. For this reason, a simple and transparent complaint process is indispensable. Intuitively designed forms allow every request to be dealt with quickly. Of course, everything is done in real time and your office staff have immediate access to all the necessary information. In this way you can also achieve a high customer satisfaction in exceptional cases.