WECO Headless Commerce - A new era of e-commerce

Headless Commerce - often still a buzzword, is already fully implemented in WECO's latest product. The flexible architecture approach of WECO Headless Commerce has already proven itself in practice in our latest customer projects. The complete separation of backend and frontend is a central component and enables independent development on both sides. Communication takes place exclusively via WECO webservices, based on the OpenAPI standard.

All Sales & Service features, as well as customizing settings are supported by the RESTful WECO OpenAPI. The webservices are used in the delivered WECO Angular template and are designed to implement a complete frontend application.

 WECO Headless Commerce in detail:

  • Compatible with SAP ERP and S/4 HANA systems
  • Optional SAP backend in the SAP Cloud or On-Premise
  • Proprietary WECO OpenAPI Framework
  • PWAs implemented with Angular
  • Swagger Editor hosted by WECO
  • Sophisticated caching system, allowing fast but stateless API
  • Our existing customers can find more information and the road map at WECO: Headless Commerce


You are interested in WECO headless commerce or have any questions about it?