WECO E-Commerce Procurement now also with Amazon

WECO E-Commerce Procurement now offers a standard interface to Amazon Business. Via this standard interface you can automatically transfer shopping baskets from Amazon Business to WECO. After all approval stages have been completed in SAP and the order has been created, it can be automatically transferred to Amazon. cXML is used as the interface format. cXML is a powerful, open language developed specifically for B2B e-commerce. The interface functions have been tested and approved by Amazon.

Amazon Integration WECO E-Commerce Procurement

What is Amazon Business?
  • Amazon Business is a comprehensive marketplace for business customers on Amazon.de
  • Companies of all sizes can register for Amazon Business free of charge to save time and money on commercial purchases
  • Buyer features include free premium shipping, invoice purchase, pricing, and invoices with reported sales tax for millions of products
Which functions do we support?
  • Automated login to Amazon Business (PunchOut Setup Request)
  • Transfer Amazon Business shopping cart to WECO E-Commerce Procurement (Punchout Order Message)
  • Optional: Transmission of the SAP order to Amazon (Order Request)
Customer activities to set up connection
  • Create Amazon Business account
  • Select WECO as E-Procurement Provider
  • Required URLs and identification data are output by Amazon on the browser.
  • Entry of URLs and identification data in WECO Customizing
  • Done! You can now use Amazon Business integrated with WECO